Guide to see Tip

21:33 | 18-03-2020

To watch the free raffle on TipsterVN, members can choose to watch in 2 ways as follows:

1 / See Tipster posted by Tipster:

- Members who visit the TOP TIPSTER page then in the column Have Tip will show you which Tipster is posting a Tip.

- Once it is determined that Tipster has posted a Tipster member based on the Tipster indicators on the TOP TIPSTER chart to decide which Tipster's bet.

- To view Tipster's bet, click on the name Tipster to see and scroll down to the TIP LIST WITHOUT RESULTS to see the bet.

2 / See Tip by match:

- Members visit TIP TODAY page, the system will display the matches where the Tipster has posted a Tip.

- Member selects the match of interest and click on the PREDICT button to see a list of predictions tipster for this match.

- Based on the achievements of the Tipster who posted the Tip for the match, members decide to choose which Tipster's tip they want by clicking on the VIEW button.

For any questions, please contact TipsterVN's board of directors through the following channels for answers:

+ Skype:

+ Telegram: @tipsternguyen

+ Email: [email protected]

+ Fanpage:

Good luck to all TipsterVN members. Administrators!



Talent search predictions week 79

Begin at 00:00 date 17/01/2022
End: 23:59 date 23/01/2022
First prize: 1.200.000 Freebet01 Prize
Second prize: 800.000 Freebet01 Prize
Third prize: 550.000 Freebet03 Prize

First prize: langtu

Second prize: concubietdi

Third prize: bidaonh, vuaopus, valentino
Members contact the online chat bar to receive prizes


Talent search prediction February

Begin at 00:00 date 01/01/2022
End: 23:59 date 31/01/2022
First prize: 2.500.000 Freebet01 Prize
Second prize: 1.800.000 Freebet01 Prize
Third prize: 800.000 Freebet03 Prize
Consolation prize: 550.000 Freebet05 Prize