Malawi vs Zimbabwe: Predictions, odds & betting tips 15:59, 14/01

00:04 | 14-01-2022

Comments Malawi vs Zimbabwe today at 15:59 on 14/01Africa Cup of Nations. Predict the results, analyze the odds of Malawi vs Zimbabwe accurately.

Information before the match Malawi vs Zimbabwe

Malawi squad: Malawi 's force lacks some pillars but does not affect too much strength

Zimbabwe squad: Undeniable Zimbabwe Strength

Malawi's achievements: Malawi ranked 129 on the Africa Cup of Nations table.

Zimbabwe's achievements: Zimbabwe ranked 121 in the Africa Cup of Nations table.

Head to head Malawi vs Zimbabwe on 14/01

Head to head Malawi vs Zimbabwe on 14/01

Comments and bets from the house odds of the match Malawi vs Zimbabwe:

Handicap: Looking at the odds table, we see that the away team is a 0.25 ball handicap, if you choose Malawi, the odds will be less than if you choose Zimbabwe. That shows us the bookie believes in the Malawi door with a handicap of 0.25 left.

Over and under: The house gives a handicap of 1.75 left, if you choose over, the odds of winning will be less than choosing under. Thereby, we can see that the house believes in the fortune more with a handicap of 1.75 balls.

Odds of Malawi vs Zimbabwe on 14/01

Odds of Malawi vs Zimbabwe on 14/01

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- TipsterVN expert predicts: Zimbabwe -0.25 FT

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