You're wondering when accessing Tipster The questions and answers below will answer your questions.

What is the ball?
Ball is the functional currency see the tip on the website, Ball's not worth the money converted into in any circumstances. Ball is created by members loaded scratch card, bank transfer or paypal in international water.
Members can perform Ball loaded on the system by logging into the system and loaded ball here
What is the unit?
Unit is the currency used to bet on the virtual website. Each Tipster always fixed the original set from 1 to 5 Unit. Unit no value shall be converted into the money in any case. Unit only work to rank statistics Tipster.
What is the goal?
Goal is the bonus for players Tipster Tip true when members see the Tipster. Goal can be converted into valuable products according to the needs Tipster or can switch to view Tip Ball. Tipster can contact online support for instructions here Change Goal
As the new entrants posted Tip Tipster available or not sufficient criteria for promotion Tipster players. When members of the Tipster Tip Tap the view is absolutely free.
Tipster Master?
Tipster are sufficient criteria required by the system, and when members see Tip of the Tipster Tipster players will be rewarded Goal member and pay a gratuity Ball to see.