Story of the day: Thais bring 'sincere' to Britain

( - In 2007, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra acquired Manchester City for 81.6 million pounds, a prelude to the "enlightenment" of the Thais in the Premiership.
However, he soon left the presidency and to cede to the Abu Dhabi United Group. This failure marked a sad anniversary for Thais in particular and Asia in general people in the way to European football.

3 years later, the second Thai British arrived, but instead follow the footsteps of Prime Minister Thaksin, Mr. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha select acquisition Leicester City in the First Division. Since then, this man has the same diligence his team write up fairy tale series.

2013/14 season, Leicester are still in the First Division, but that year it advances and eventually crowned champions. They own a ticket to the Premier League, where the highest point of the match England regular weekly happening.

The next season, the environment is too harsh Premiership Leicester have occasionally made untenable. Towards the end, they proved increasingly exhausted and tired, not only that, Leicester have to win 9 matches can last successful relegation. While the heat is there, a special event took place, changed the fate of the insider and incubates for a fairy tale.

On that day, Chairman Vichai invited for dinner coach Claudio Ranieri, the Italian captain was in the mood disheveled and heavy job for the team in danger of relegation. Thought that he would have to listen to the nagging and uncomfortable from the president, accompanied by a dismissal, but all the work that he did not expect to.
Story of the day: Thais bring the people to Britain
Chairman Vichai is the most important factor of the team. Photo: Internet.

The main man at losing strong faith, chairman Vichai said: "Ranieri! If the team relegated, he has to stay here instead? "Ranieri can not express his feelings in words when he just quietly nodded and eyes as threatening to cry. Turns out the president does not want to pursue his neck as others often do when the team is relegated. Turns out this Thai man with the means to live there before there later. Turns out he does not like Thaksin only political concern and did not know anything about football.

Ranieri's strong belief back deluge, he shared his story with the key players of Leicester. Sentiments of the president are multiplied, the morale of Leicester higher as ever, they finished with a tape magical journey, like moments from Vichai Ranieri heard saying.

A year later, times change, right around the time of the crisis last year, Leicester now alone on the road to win the Premier League championship. Ranieri Communications floors upon a pedestal, the fans chanted the name of Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez or N'Golo Kante, but the underlying cause is the question of the chairman Vichai said.

In a fiercely competitive environment, the people still abound all over Leicester City. When people become mutual suspicion and living stereotype, president of the Thai people have turned everything in the bowl filled with love. Asians to Europe to do football, to bring the situation in exchange for glory, bring our hearts all over the world share.