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Things to consider when participating

Table Charter aims to set down the procedures and conditions for use of the services on the website, and other necessary regulations on services (hereinafter referred to as "services") are provided for members used by

Article 1: Members

Members who register on account to receive information published by users, then provide an account and password to use. side members have classified into two categories: members use the free information and membership information using user fees.

All members have the right to register their personal information such as name, gender, phone numbers, addresses, etc ... For registration information or use false information when registering others' it was not only the right to use the service but also the account may be deleted.

Article 2: Account for users

For the user account is a combination of letters or numbers used for the purpose of using the available features and distinguish members generated by the choice of the user and the approval of User account can not be changed under any circumstances. If there are very special reasons want to change, they must cancel your old account and register for an account from the beginning. However, only in the following cases in New items to consider on whether to change the account or not.

+ Where Account disclose personal information at risk harming private life member.

+ In case the account name offensive to others or contrary to the habits and customs.

+ If members give other reasons recognized as reasonable.

+ In case of using the names or titles are prohibited by law.

+ Members are responsible for managing accounts and their passwords. Where the members themselves by revealing personal information to harm the quality of services or other persons abusing his account on the bad, the members themselves must take responsibility, the is not responsible for the damage.

Article 3: Password

Password is a combination of numbers or letters are formed by the choice of the members and the approval of, used to confirm the membership with a registered account.

Where the Member by exposing themselves personally Password damaging the quality of services or other persons abusing his account on the bad, the responsibility belongs to the members themselves.

Article 4: Obligations of

- be obliged to resolve the service issues arising in the shortest time.

- receptive to suggestions or legitimate discontent of members on the process of predestined to edit into the process more streamlined. Where it takes time to process certain issue, members must notify the reason and a specific time.

- Unless the member itself out, no right to provide personal information and information posted by members of the 3rd to anyone else. In principle without permission of a member shall not be entitled to disclose member information to any third party. However, such cases are the exception following:

+ Where the government agency requirements in the framework of legal regulations.

+ In case the request for criminal investigation purposes.

+ If there are other requirements specified in the framework of the law.

- When registering, changing the terms or cancel the terms of use shall must attempt to resolve procedural and content ... .According favor of membership.

- In the event that a member's account is locked, the costs incurred for the account is opened again, not subject to, the member will have to bear the costs it incurred. will not be responsible for the assets of the members are in the account when the account is locked members.

- For the purpose of work, can use the information of some or all of its members to document, through the service system can transfer cookies to computer member.

Article 5: Obligations of Users

- Members are obliged to abide by the terms of this charter panel, manual, message content, from posted in all forms (newsletter, brochures, websites, email, SMS, instant messaging ...) and the relevant laws. Members have the responsibility to accept the charter, announced by given in any form (newsletter, brochures, websites, email, SMS, instant messaging ...) without complaint. Members shall not perform actions that affect the work of well as other acts causing harm to

- If a member changes the phone number, address, or other personal information in the user registration is required through the necessary actions to immediately notify said. If the information in the register table has changed members have direct on-line editing and may require managers to change the information. Where there are problems arising from information not adjust properly, the responsibility belongs to the members.

- In addition to the responsibilities of established in accordance with law and the content "of the charter board," then the problem arises when management negligence, improper use and purpose account's password the responsible member of the party.

- Members shall not use information to serve business purposes without the consent of will not take responsibility for the problems arising from the business operations or the business operations in violation "Table Charter". In addition, cases of business activities of the members bring great loss to, such member shall have a duty to pay damages, can also restrict the rights of service users member or claim statutory in this case.

- Without the consent of, members may not transfer, donate or mortgage its use right for any one.

- Members are not entitled harming the intellectual property rights of 3rd or another.

- Members shall not perform the acts set out below. Violation cases, has the right to restrict use of member services and apply additional penalties under the provisions of law.

+ Use the information on for purposes of law violations.

+ Use content control when registering for membership or when modifying personal information.

+ Steal accounts, passwords or email addresses of other members.

+ Impersonation employee or manager of

+ Not that audiences get special powers that client program changes or hacking servers and then arbitrarily change a part or all of the information on the website or notice of

+ There are acts of harassment, intimidation, or other members constantly annoying, difficult for a particular member.

+ Use of information obtained through services purposes copy, modify, publish, broadcast or give a third party without the consent of

+ Acts of encroaching on intellectual property rights, copyrights, business secrets, perks, brands ... of others by posting, notice, sent by email or other methods to convey information this to everyone.

+ Acts upload, post, send by email or other means spreading the images, information, content bearing words immoral, evil habits and customs contrary to public order and to others .

+ Acts upload, post, send by email or other methods of distributing content or libelous threatened to do harm other people's privacy.

+ Behaviour was assessed in an objective way is to take advantage of the program errors to perform misdeeds or collusion with criminal acts.

+ The violation of the relevant laws.

+ For the case of error detection system, there must be responsible for notifying the issuer. Those who abuse the system error to carry out acts of fraud profiteers account will be limited right to use the service permanently.

Article 6: Service and Fee Policy

Chargeable services are services provided for a fee used for member after member ordered a number of items chargeable and chargeable services, conducted by the toll payment method math regulations, after the member has agreed to join the service charter. The range of premium services may vary according policy.

Article 7: Managing Member not responsible for the consequences as well as the content of the member posted in the announcement section free, chat rooms, message sending and receiving through the membership, through other services. However, based on the rules below, if detected cases of necessity, have the right to remove without warning or penal denunciation against violations.

+ Content harm or defame honorable third person or another member by defamatory defamatory others.

+ Content contrary to the habits and customs and public order.

+ The content was rated as collusion with criminal acts.

+ Content violates the copyright of, member or someone else, the contents infringing the rights of others ...

+ In case of direct action to obstruct or create the risk of affecting the stability of services

+ Upload your ad content-specific product or service of any other commercial purposes.

+ Where to arbitrarily change the information of others or of logged in.

+ In case of stolen passwords, account members.

+ In case of creating links to sites published but immoral or pornographic images.

+ Where content posted inconsistent with the character of the area published.

+ In case the violation is considered as the other relevant laws.

Article 8: Account Policies

- To register for an account on members need email to activate your account information or use Facebook or Google+ to sign.

- After registering members must activate the service within 48 hours, after 48 hours if not activated the account will be deleted from the system.

- Account registration on is divided into 2 categories: Member Account and Account Tipster

- Member Account: Only update function of personal information and view user information posted on

- Accounts Tipster: There's a fully functional account and allowed members to share, post information on

Article 9: Restrictions or cancellation of the right to use the service have the right to restrict the right to use the services of a member of the following cases:

- Steal the account and password of another Member

- Do not use the service for 6 months from the end user.

- Obstructing the use of the service or harm the honor of the other members.

- In case of deliberate harm to the quality of service or the operation of the system, or actions interfere with the use of other health services.

- No activation confirmation email is regulation and content perjury when signing up to join.

- Upload or distribute the contents are prohibited by law relating nails.

- At the request amendment of the relevant bodies concerned with human rights.

- In case of minors under 13 must have permission from their parents can play.

- Violation of the provisions of the service provider or the relevant laws.

- For the case of error detection system, there must be responsible for notifying the Those who abuse the system error to carry out acts of fraud profiteers account will be limited right to use the service permanently.

Article 10: Disclaimer

- Where can not provide services in circumstances such as national events, natural disasters and diseases, strike, war, power outage or other force majeure cases can not be attributed responsibility for Tipstervn. com, it will be exempt responsible.

- will not be responsible for the damage occurring to members stopped by the service provider for a certain period of notice is intended to improve service levels, checking periodically re design …

- The dispute between members or between members with a 3rd person on this service is provided, no obligation to intervene nor is responsible for compensation for damage caused by the dispute this caused.

- The service is free outside the list of services to be compensated for damage during use ...

- not responsible for any damages of any member using our information for any reason.

- not responsible for any other website where members can access the website through

Article 11: Validity and change the terms of the charter board

Through the following methods may vary, and incurred effect to the charter board.

- The validity of the charter and the charter amendment table promoted by the announcement effect and effective online immediately.

- Members who do not agree with the changes in the charter of table may require renunciation of membership. If a member continues to use the service after modifications in the board charter takes effect, as members have agreed to these changes.